Friday, 23 July 2010

Thursday, 1 July 2010


So after discussing with a good friend of mine I'm thinking of going back to using pens to ink my art work with pigma micron pens. Pens I have always felt happier with and more natural to use as opposed to using a quill pen or brush (I can't really get into using a brush at all -but I can never justify putting the time in to learn how to brushes except for blacking a big area). If I could get a biro that could produce pure water proof black India ink I would be laughing. So I have gone through this before where I change over art materials and keep changing my mind but all I am focused on now is just making good comics. So by the time it comes to scanning I can simply darken my image in photo shop. The beauty of using pens is that it free's up things like making detailed hair and allows me to make a more spontaneous line.

I used to be so caught up in art materials I have nearly had every type of brush, nib, nib holder, art pen, brush pen, and markers. But I don't regret trying these out, as like every thing else in my life it stems down to a process of elimination. Today I would be happy to draw on cheap printer paper with a crappy maker if I could get away with it if it has satisfying results.

I'm grateful I annoyed all those cartoonists I have emailed over the years asking relentless questions about materials and technique (probably didn't annoy them, just being paranoid) but there is no better way of learning than actually doing the work my self as I tried for many years to get out of doing comics by finding a easy way out which is completely pointless.

It has been a major turning point for me over the last few months where I have stopped being so hard on my self and just tell my self that I'm doing the best that I can do. Which has taken allot of pressure off in terms of what I have to do and no beating my self up over ridiculous deadlines that I would not possible be able to meet. Having a fifty hour a week job doesn't help in terms of creative energy

Cheerio for now :)

Wednesday, 30 June 2010

one of today's 15 minuet sketches I do seem to be in this style of drawing
even though I do like it - for me any way. lots more of these to come not
necessarily going to be used for any thing in particular but maybe in the future.